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Production of Stainless Ball Valves, Carbon Steel and Other Materials.

Stainless Ball Valves

Inox, Carbon Steel and Other Materials Ball Valves for Production Lines and Plants:


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Our History in the Ball Valve Industry.

First ZEMA was born from the experience of its founder Dr. Antonio Zeminian designer and manufacturer of special pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, who over the years created and developed a company of excellence in the field.

As his son joined the company, the valve business was developed, especially: One-Piece Ball Valves, High Pressure Ball Valves,Flanged Ball Valves,Wafer Ball Valves,Split Body Ball Valves, 3-Way Ball Valves, Globe Valves and Pin Valves.

In addition, custom valves completely designed and built in-house at the production site in Nerviano in the province of Milan.

Certifications and Environmental Impact Stainless Ball Valves, Carbon Steel

ZEMA has been an ISO 9001 certified company for many years and has obtained for the valve sector the PED 2014/68/EU certification and the ATEX 2014/34/EU certification, which aims to minimize and prevent explosions in critical environments.

The company's policy attentive to the dynamics of environmental impacts, consequently seeks to promote clean energies and policies, in fact even our valves are completely made with Italian or European materials chosen according to the needs of the valve itself and the criticality of the use to be made of it.

Zero Kilometer Products

All processing is carried out within our factories or by our certified suppliers close to us guaranteeing 100% made in Italy or as they say today creating a "zero kilometer" product with the advantage of greatly reducing global pollution due to handling and to non-essential or necessary transports.

All valves in addition to being certified and undergoing strict dimensional checks, are above all tested with special pressure machinery according to the functional need of the valve itself. Having an in-house design studio and highly qualified personnel who have been working in the valve industry for over 30 years, we can guarantee our customers product customization and study at all stages. In conclusion, ZEMA aims to become not just a supplier of valves and systems, but a true partner.

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