Pneumatic Actuators for Ball Valves

Our pneumatic ball valve actuators are mainly divisible into two types of operation, single-acting and double-acting. Produced with different materials for various applications or application areas, this is because we have tried to satisfy every single customer and every type of application.

Our goal is to increase plant performance and reliability of production lines.

Pneumatic Actuators for Ball Valves: Aluminum Series

Aluminum series pneumatic actuators for ball valves are certainly among the most widely used as they are very robust and have a low weight due precisely to the material of construction. A key feature is the reduced need for maintenance as they are constructed with self-lubricating gimmicks and sliding materials.

These aluminum series actuators can be double-acting or single-acting and handle openings 0-90° and depending on the model handle openings 0-180°. In both cases there are adjusting screws to perfectly calibrate the actuator with the perfect opening/closing of the valve itself.

The entire aluminum series is SIL certified (IEC61508:2010) and complies with ATEX 2014/34/EU directives.

Pneumatic Actuators for Aluminum Series Ball Valves

Pneumatic Actuators: Inox Aisi 316 Series

Designed for very aggressive environments and outdoor agents or food sectors, the Aisi 316 stainless series actuators are built for double-acting or single-acting use with pre-calibrated return springs.

They are equipped with a colored visual open/closed indicator and are arranged like all our actuators for NAMUR solenoid valve connections that are also stainless.
ISO standard connections allow for easy and safe assembly on valves.

The entire Inox series is SIL certified (IEC61508:2010) and complies with ATEX 2014/34/EU directives.

Pneumatic Actuators for Ball Valves Inox Series

Electric Actuators for Ball Valves

This series of rotary actuators has been built as an alternative to classic pneumatic actuation processes or where the type of plant requires it.

These actuators are easily installed on any type of ball valve having ISO standard connections and have the possibility to be powered with different types of voltage from 24V up to 220V, they already have built-in mechanical limit switches to ensure a perfect opening/closing of the valve itself.

The degree of protection of these actuators is IP65 the operating temperature ranges from -20°Cto +70°C.

Electric actuators are very reliable on production lines and plants even in harsh environments.

Electric Actuators for Ball Valves
Actuator Certifications and Testing

All actuators are SIL-certified (in accordance with IEC 61508:2010), and also comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

At the end of testing, we provide operating and maintenance instructions for all types of actuators and an open line with our customer service for any specific questions and requests.