Limit Switch Box for Ball Valves and Pneumatic Actuators

Zema limit switch boxes, are devices that install on both rotary pneumatic actuators and ball and butterfly valves.

What are Limit switch boxes for?

They serve to remotely verify, monitor and report the open and closed position of each individual valve through yellow/red colored indicator.

Why Limit switch boxes are Useful at Your Plant and Production Line

They are useful for all maintenance workers to reduce technical time for plant inspection and increased production performance.

How are Limit Switch Boxes Made and Designed

Constructed in different material finishes including:
Stainless steel

Designed for different types of plants and production lines including:

With three-dimensional display, standard 8-pole terminal block (2 free for possible solenoid valve connection in box).

They can contain within them mechanical or proximity switches, which are easy to install (inside each box you will find the complete kit with its bracket) and wire due to their small size that facilitates installation in a short time.

Zema boxes are SIL certified in accordance with IEC 61508:2010 and ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Below you will find the complete catalog for each type of Zema limit switch box with:
Data sheets
Operating and Maintenance Instructions
Wiring diagrams


Aluminum Limit Switch Box

Stainless Steel

Box fineCorsa Inox


Box endTechnopolymer stroke

Certifications and Testing

All Boxes are SIL certified (in accordance with IEC 61508:2010), and also comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

At the end of testing we provide for all types of boxes an open line with our customer service for any specific questions and requests.